Humans living where architecture does not.

Upon changing my blog background to a section of Kowloon city, which is basically an extremely dense slum in China, the embodiment of how people survive in a place devoid of architecture, or even government for that matter, a friend said this to me: “It is amazing how places like this still exists today.” And then I thought about it, these kind of slums are all around us, but we keep them far from our minds. We don`t like to think of them and we tend to acknowledge them as problems from somewhere distant enough to not matter at all. Which is true, they don`t really influence our lives at all, but we influence theirs. These slums are the by-product of the corporate capitalist regime that is currently governing the world. The economy system is build in such a way that 90% of the money is attributed to only 1% of the population and only 8% of the total amount of money on earth consists of printed cash. The scales are so lob-sided that probably the bottom 1% just die to fast to be accounted for, and the bottom 25% live in slums. I wasn`t going to post about this, but I just watched the fresh TED talk by Iwan Baan on this, so I`ll just let you watch the video instead of reading my rant, its only 15 mins. Enjoy!

The funny fact is how much culture these places have, they work as communities, its amazing how humans can adapt and make the best out of any situation, without any architect to teach them how to live or any government to empower them. Its mind-blowing that they look essentially more humanistic and seem to create a better social context than what western projects provide as alternative for these people. They look more alive and energetic than anything that Norman Foster ever created, and these places just grew from the primitive, instinctual, primordial will to survive that humans have. I will welcome any comments on my rant.

  1. October 18th, 2013

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