Symmetrical speculation


After the collection of towers I`ve created, I decided to explore the object of Percy through a controlled symmetrical photographic series. I found it curious how much our own body alters the perception of images. A lot of images that are boring on their own, get a lot more overwhelming, fascinating and aesthetically pleasing, which can only be attributed to the symmetry humans share as a species. Although most look uncanny because the mind keeps trying to attach meaning to them and due to their perfection, they are have a much better reception of the human psyche than their opposite,the pronounced lack of symmetry in the human body or figure, dis-figuration. With those said, I`ve named them as a Rorschach test, by perceptual instinct. Who knows what you`ll see in this. Enjoy!










Gaze  dissaproval





    • SofiaDylan
    • November 4th, 2013

    wow love these pictures!! can I use them in a blogpost?

    • Well, thing is the photos weren`t taken by me, but by one of my teammates and they will be part of a gallery exhibition soon, but feel free to reblog them if you want and write your article as part of the reblog 😀

  1. ok, here it goes:

    1. The head of a Death’s-head Hawk moth.

    2. A boar.

    3. An alien in a spacecraft.

    4. A rib cage with two devils.

    5. Octopuss.

    6. Tarantula.

    7. A women’s corset.

    8. Still a boar.

    9. Moth.

    10. View from the top of Burj Al Arab.

    11. Banana split.

    12. Satan.

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