These are the visuals, I`ve done, not all are good but it was good experimentation, they are all made from stills we`ve taken of the sculpture with some post production in Photoshop. There are a lot of them, And I think I prefer the most the 1st image which has a plethora of filters and effects applied to it, I`ll soon produce more but, I`m busy learning film-making now, it`s a slow and tedious process…therock wtfgrafiti 1 2 3 4j 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 basref34 basrelief basrelief2 basrelief3 best dafuq edge extrude1 extrude2 extrude3 extrudepir1  fresco glow glowedge2 glowinages glowing edges glowlol glowultra glwoshit lolextrude  neonlol p[lastic2 painted (2) painted pallete pallete2121 palletegernn pen phorto plastic plastic2 plasticneon stainless


Texture mapping test

I`ve done some texture mapping tests, we need to decide which textures would work better on which elements for further speculation. It has been a slow and tedious process over the weekend. But I have some really cool visuals in store for the next post, which will be coming out tomorrow maybe. I am also starting the After Effects tutorials as of now. Enjoy



rbargfa mmhffnfh rudt led wow hrmo hgdgb crystal uglii loldada brass warp wtf22 pencil effect dadadaaa ma doare noclue noble percy glass jblpercy  gardepercy

My business pitch

For MPL we were asked to do a business pitch, and present our interests for a project that can be done and funded locally. So this is my idea in its primordial state.

An art gallery, this is a project that I was trying to do for a couple of years now. In the past years that I`ve spent in Preston I was shocked how a city which is centered on a university is completely isolated from any artistic contact. Until now I thought that the only art gallery is the victoria building lobby, and started doing some research, and I ended up confirming that the nearest modern art gallery is situated in Longridge, 15 miles away from the center of Preston.

Preston got its status as a city just a couple of years ago, and that is quite understandable being dwarfed by the hulking presences of Manchester and Liverpool in all possible domains, but how can an establishment like Preston call itself a city without any artistic input or output. And saying that there is no output would be a blatant lie because there is, the artistic departments in the university are very well represented and have a very wide spectrum of high quality work.

And there is a demand, because there isn`t any competition at all, as soon as a gallery opens it will hold monopoly on what art Preston will be watching, or be aware of. And that monopoly can be used to great success to bring in famous artists from anywhere else, which will become an asset to the university as well through the possibility of cultural and artistic exchange and dialog with other entities be them artists or other universities.

And beyond anything this will be empowering for the students. Having their work seen in a gallery by potentially anyone, and yes, I was convinced about this by Kevin, our work has real value, and could be presented in a gallery at any time. As soon as you are convinced that what you are doing is meaningful and will be presented to the public and the press, your output is basically double, or at least that’s how it works for me. And I`m sure there is no shortage of creative people who want to have their work displayed in town, but simply don`t have the means to do so at the moment.

Ok now about how are we going to do this and how it is going to benefit us. This idea is nothing innovative, it`s basically one of the examples from class, but changed to suit our needs. Preston city center can be described best in one word, complacent. There is a high number of decrepit unused buildings from its glory days, just lying around, not even a joke, which can be used. Not only are creating an art gallery but we are linking it to Preston`s all but forgotten cultural past. We need to devise a strategy to be presented to the city council. We can assure maintenance of the building, the curating of the gallery for which I hope we get Louise`s experience to help us with that task, and the best part for us is that we might be able to get a permit to redesign the façade. Have all the 3rd and 4th year students enter a competition for it  to give  the modern art look and connect it to the prestonian heritage. I know it`s not designing a building but for most average Joes the façade is the building, and we get to leave our mark on the center of Preston. We can also design and redesign the interior spaces every lets say 6 to 12 weeks, through in-house competitions, in order to better suit the next exhibition. We can have the interior of the building be a critical piece of art and work on it with other departments such as fine art, or product design.

How do we get money you say? Well I hope our department can get some capital to start the thing, there is also the possibility for having an entrance fee and then we can rent it out to different departments such as fine art, advertising design or new media. And if we get enough attention we can invite different universities to rent the space out to exhibit their work and challenge ours through it.

I know Michael hates long repetitive and bland texts so I`ll stop here by saying that there is definitely a need, there is also a demand, there is a way, and I am passionate about this project because it`s one I keep thinking about and hoping to achieve for quite a while now.

Welcome, my friend, to the machine

What is in store for the future of Percy? Speculation, a lot of it. The next stages are to explore and exploit Percy’s formal and spatial qualities and distil them through various processes such as suprematist compositions, metamodernist photography, mapping, juxtaposing and reinterpretation etc.


So in many respects we created a machine, a factory to produce architectural form from the formal qualities of Percy, which will always relate back to the conceptual principles on which Percy was established as an entity, thus preventing us of falling in the trap of creating suprematist architecture from a mish-mash of randomized shapes which can be altered to suit the site.

Percy has become the device for a process that creates a vast and (probably infinite) amount of work that can be translated as architectural formal interpretation. These exercises are made in absence of any type or building brief, so in many respects it turns the usual creative process which everyone is used to on its head with the concept of function following form. But in fact that is not entirely true, although it is quite a perverse technique which many architects would consider too abstract or too radical to accept, Percy is providing us with a pseudo-infinite amount of possibilities that could be reinterpreted and re-iterated many more times to suit the function or the site conditions, without falling in the abysmal state of producing shape with no meaning, concept or intellectual background and ambition.

large aa

The next step is setting up an art gallery in about 2 weeks which will present the study of the object of Percy. Some of our colleagues considered we were picking up where Warhol left with this factory type cult of the object artistic approach, which is true to some extent, but what we are creating at the moment is a process, a means to a means of designing architecture. So in many respects we are not celebrating the object, but the process or the transformation and the interpretation.

These are some renders done in high quality textures that I have created, next step is to tryout some more unconventional textures and see what results we get.

ggg topaaa bot  percy large

The compositions below are made by one of my teammates, really interesting pieces, though one fell off :).


peeeeercypussssShadow plans

And lastly some speculations made by me based on details from Percy, it is a rhythm and spatiality study based on altering different iterations of the same vector.

xXXx Print Print Print Print

These are the first techniques and the first drafts we produced, we are hoping to enlarge our spectrum of operations greatly in the following week by employing more complex processes and algorithms.

P.S. Percy will star in a movie, the trailer is not out yet : )

Cyber Percy

This is just a sneak peek of what I`m working on, I am not allowed to divulge any more information than the fact that it is on its way 🙂 . For those who are not yet familiarized with this project you can visit the page Urban Dweller (aka Percy) on my blog. So these will be some blank renders, one textured and some other stuff. I am currently rendering some high-resolution 3.5 metter large images(that take up to 20 hours of rendering) which will be used in the next stages of the project, see you there ;).

This first photo is a mapping test in preparation for a final render.

texturedupside3shadowplan5 detail1

These last 3 images are some spoilers to what is to come, be prepared for some architectural sexiness. downshadowsmth collage1

Percy 2.0 is on its way

I`ve been working on this thing for almost a week now, if I am lucky I`ll have it finished tonight, its kind of fun working on it, and I have learned almost all there is to learn in Rhino while doing it, but it was almost 12 hours per day of work. Tomorrow I`ll do some texture development and some mapping tests and if all goes well I`ll have my first render by sunset. The biggest difficulty I had was with the kidneys, which I had made out of chain but they ended up so dense that my computer couldn`t handle it, so I decided that the best approach would be by resolving them through textures, though I`ll try another method tomorrow.

Icpiajoianf ap asdafas sdada dadadaadadada facacdadad dca dadadadadadada cacacasasaa cvacav cacacsasdad dadadassca caaca

Percy`s dark heart v2.0


We are still working hard on the rendered version of Percy, most of the bones are done, this is a material mapping exercise on the heart. It is the usual routine: Rhino modelling, 3dsmax set up into Vray render. Enjoy! heart3 heart4 heart5 heart6 heart7 heart8 heart9hreaea