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Symmetrical speculation


After the collection of towers I`ve created, I decided to explore the object of Percy through a controlled symmetrical photographic series. I found it curious how much our own body alters the perception of images. A lot of images that are boring on their own, get a lot more overwhelming, fascinating and aesthetically pleasing, which can only be attributed to the symmetry humans share as a species. Although most look uncanny because the mind keeps trying to attach meaning to them and due to their perfection, they are have a much better reception of the human psyche than their opposite,the pronounced lack of symmetry in the human body or figure, dis-figuration. With those said, I`ve named them as a Rorschach test, by perceptual instinct. Who knows what you`ll see in this. Enjoy!










Gaze  dissaproval






A face

It is high time I put a face on this blog, and besides that it’s also a task for uni, I need to upload photos of me as a regular and me as an architect, so there you go, I`ll have a picture of the “real” me and one of the architect.



We all have split personalities and personae which change depending on the circumstances which range from the people around us to social, political and cultural context. But unless you actually have a real problem, your different personalities are just faces of the same coin. A photo is an extremely deceptive tool which completely alters reality. You can completely manipulate your appearance with a photo, photographs are not sincere to the object or person, they capture an instant, they lie. A photo does not make you an architect, you start becoming an architect as soon as you decide that you are an architect. I was actually going to take a more interesting photo, but I couldn`t find any ridiculously high mountain range near Preston or any skyscrapers in order to heroically climb on top of and stare into the horizon, so I just had to settle with pushing the “instant architect portrait” button in photoshop (ctrl+shift+u).

 Other photos I have to upload are photos of my workspace at home:


My workspace at the university:

 DSCN0384 DSCN0373

And me working with my team:

DSCN0391 DSCN0385DSCN0268 IMG_0639 DSCN0182 DSCN0242