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Percy`s rendered head

Finally I managed to get a form that I`m happy with, kind of. The backside is still rough, I`ll fix it tomorrow, I got it figured out but i still can`t stress enough how different Rhino is to 3dsmax. All I need to do now is create a better texture, or maybe a plethora of them to create a nice composition for the overall scene. Doing this helped me understand the times of surfaces and solids in rhino, how they interact and edge conditions, its all still a bit fuzzy. I rendered against a black void to get it done faster because its late and tomorrow I have uni.



Mistakes were made

I`ve had a go at modeling Percy`s head in Rhino, but it is so poorly made I didn`t even bother to give it an HD render. Basically what happened was that because i`m so used with 3ds max modelling, instead of creating a bunch of solids and resolving them through boolean geometry I`ve ended up trying to make the whole thing out of surfaces and polysurfaces and create one single solid at the end. It was a mess… porc


Percy is back

First iteration of bones, I currently working on improved models and better textures, I`ll post as soon as I get a significant improvement.

bonetest3bonetest2 bonetest4  BONES3 BONES2 bones1 BONELUCIOUS

Render glitches

I still get some glitches when doing close ups, I currently have no clue to what setting needs to be changed in order to fix this, but there is nothing a little photoshop post production won`t clean up, in the appropriate amount of time….any tips are welcomed 🙂


glith glithless glitch2

Learning Rhino

I`ve just picked up Rhinoceros v4.0 yesterday and started learning it, this post is just a summary of my workflow, and it has not been arranged in any particular order because its 3 AM, and I`m tired 🙂 this is one day of experimenting. (rendered in max using Vray, I can also answer questions through the comments if you need some tips on how to get renders like this, I am aware that they are very unprofessional, but I`m working on it 😀 )

1lamp 2lamp 3lamp wtflamp shitty wood lamplol lamp lamlamp negura bluelamp lastlamp shadow blue lamp goolamp snakey the snake lava snake sn cromesn snake long one azure frost drake bluedrake whitesnake orangeserpent sbla LEGGO LEGOGO legogogogo red lego fallen lego legomore

LEGO chrome lego sxsx sasa glassy glass of juice empty glass crystal glassowine soda i think glasowine2 freaky glass lol glowyglass red_wine_in_arch_glass